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JOIN US AT OUR 16TH ANNUAL ORCHIDS IN THE PARK FUNDRAISER MAY 24th AND 25th, 2014  Visit our Events Calendar section for details

OrchidMania South Florida is an all-volunteer group of amateur orchid growers who use their hobby to raise money for children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS in our community. The group was started, because Miami-Dade County has the second highest AIDS infection rate in the country and wanted to do more about it than be afraid.

OrchidMania South Florida’s idea is simple. Amateur and commercial orchid growers from our community and around the world, give us generous donations of live orchid plants, which we sell at our annual “Orchid Garage Sale.” The money raised, is used to support programs that benefit these children. We meet new friends and learn a lot about orchids while making an important contribution to our community.

How can you Help OrchidMania South Florida?

There are many ways to help us win the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Financial Support

Our goal is to cover all of our expenses with financial donations so that every dollar we raise through our plant sales can go directly to the organizations, which need it badly. Your tax-deductible gift will help us achieve this goal, and help assure our ongoing success.

Plant Donations

We need donations of healthy, live orchid plants of all kinds, and we accept them from individuals and nurseries. Commercial orchid growers that donate plants will be featured in our directory of orchid nurseries. Naturally, plants in bud or in flower bring us more money. Species are especially welcomed. If you, or someone you know, wants to donate plants, call or e-mail us.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can help a great cause, learn a lot about orchid growing and meet new friends, just by becoming an OrchidMania South Florida volunteer. On Sundays we meet at our fabulous greenhouse, near Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, to care for our massive collection of orchids, and share our knowledge with each other. Some of the best commercial growers in the business offer periodic workshops to our volunteers on care, cultivation, and maintenance of orchid plants. Our established volunteers also enjoy special shopping privileges in our greenhouse. Join us!